Natural Nails & Foot Care


Complete filing & shaping of the natural nails with a special formulated cuticle oil and lotion to create a rich lather to soften cuticles and whiten natural nails as sanitizes the hands. Polish included.( French is extra)


A totally relaxing and pampering experience you will never forget. The therapeutic jets will soothe your feet prior to the pedicure. Spa pedicure includes sanitation of the feet, cuticle removal, cleaning under free edges of nails, clipping and filing excess length, removing ridges on  nails surface, contour calluses. It also includes a relaxing massage of the foot and lower legs with revitalizing vitamins and mineral lotion while your back is massaged with the shiatsu styles automatic mas sager. Polish included.( French is extra)


                      Nail Enhancement


To achieve the natural look of acrylic nails, we extend the nails with tips and overlay them with acrylic. This is great for people with active life styles.

Acrylic refill:

To re balance acrylic nails every 10-14 days is an important step in protecting nails from lifting, breaking and infection.

Acrylic overlay:

To strengthen your natural nails, we apply acrylic overlay on your nails to prevent breaking.

Sculptured nails:

For clients who prefer not to have plastic tips, we offer replacing plastic with special forms.

Pink and White:

We use the pink and the white powders to create the build-in French manicure look with or without dealing with the polish. Strongly recommended for clients who enjoy the conservative look all the time.

           Nail wrap

            ( Fiber glass ~ Silk)                    

A wrap system adhere to your nails. Good for thick but brittle nails. Nails with wrap will be more natural looking, thinner than the acrylic nails and help the natural nails grow.

            U.V AcryGel

The combination of Solar powder and the crystal clear Gel coating that makes your nails way stronger than the Gel alone. It looks absolutely beautiful because of its natural mirror image plus the strength of the Solar powder.


                         Facial & Waxing


               We use special organic formulas face mask and hot steam distilled water to open up the pores and removed the aged skins on your face with a state of the art 8-function facial machine. Then with a light massage using organic ingredients to relief the tensions and circulates the blood flows on and around the face. The  facial is recommended for peoples who like the relaxing atmosphere plus the young, renovate skin and healthy looking on the face.


               We use Gigi honey waxing system for better shape of your eye-browns and A-Z body waxing (Bikini, etc.).

         Pampers yourself! We look forward to serving you.

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